Starting a business in one of the world’s most successful economies can be tempting for many an existing business owner, as well as for those who are just thinking about starting a company. To make sure your business in the US follows all the correct legal processes and so you do not forget to register for all the important taxes, we have prepared a concise overview. In it, you will learn how starting a business in the US works and everything we can help you with.

Do not worry about establishing a company - we will establish it for you

You do not have to worry about how to establish a company in the USA. We are happy to do that for you. Based on a power of attorney you issue to us, we will optimize all processes between your parent company and the foreign company. We can arrange remote company registration and remote opening of a multi-currency account, including individual IBAN, SWIFT and SEPA codes. And in 2-3 weeks, depending on the jurisdiction you choose, your company will be incorporated in the US without any detriment to your nerves.

Do you already know which of the 50 US states you will be doing business in?

The first step is to be clear about which US state you want to start your business in. Each state has slightly different legislation and processes for incorporating a company. But one thing we know for sure. Doing business in the US takes a great deal of patience. Especially at the beginning. But we can do everything for you.

You have the state, now you need to think a little bit

Once you have figured out which state will become your company’s registered office, you need to sit down at your desk and rack your brain with more questions and tasks. You should sort out:

  • Whether you will worry about setting it up yourself or leave the whole process to professionals.
  • Set up a US e-mail address for online communication (you can do this right away, even if someone else handles the incorporation for you).
  • Find out what taxes, other than federal, are due in the state where you want to do business.
  • Make sure you really have all the permits and licenses you need to practice your trade.
  • If you are not physically in the US, we recommend having the company incorporated by professionals, which means you will not have to find a registered agent with an address in the state to accept all official documents.

Taxes in the USA

Once all the initial bureaucratic steps have been dealt with, you can start registering for local taxes. Taxes in the US are basically divided into federal and state. Federal taxes apply to everyone who does business in the US. State taxes are determined by each state, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article. Federal taxes are based on the legal form of the corporation you choose.

Federal taxes in USA

US VAT and Registry Fees

However, in addition to federal and state taxes, which could be compared to municipal taxes in the Czech Republic, you can also encounter a sales tax or VAT and franchise fees.

  • A sales tax, otherwise known as VAT, is a tax on the sale of services payable at the customer’s place of residence. Its definition is therefore similar to Czech VAT. However, in the US it ranges from 2.9% to 7.25%.
  • Franchise fees are an annual administrative fee, the amount of which is set individually by each state and paid to the Registrar of Companies.

You now know the most important requirements for starting a business in the US. But now comes the hard part - putting together a well-thought-out business plan, including ideas on how to effectively launch a new branch and reach out to the American public. Succeeding in such a large market will be a challenge.

We believe that you will have much success in the market “across the pond”. If you want to keep a clear head and focus on the business itself during the start-up process, don't hesitate to contact us.

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